Davido Wife Is Davido Still With Chioma

Davido’ Wife, Is Davido Still With Chioma?

Davido and Chioma’s relationship has been in the spotlight, and people are curious if they’re still together. Fans love their love story, but recent news has made folks wonder about the current status of their relationship. We’ll take a closer look at what’s going on, checking out rumors, statements, and anything else that might give us a clue about whether they’re still a couple. Let’s unravel the mystery of Davido and Chioma’s relationship. – How Much Is Davido Net Worth?

Who Is Davido?

Davido, whose real name is David Adedeji Adeleke, is a famous singer from Nigeria. He was born on November 21, 1992, in Atlanta, USA, but he spent a lot of time growing up in Nigeria. His dad is a businessman, and his mom was a teacher.

Davido started making music in 2011 with his first song called “Back When.” He became popular after releasing his first album, “Omo Baba Olowo.” Davido is known for mixing different types of music like Afrobeat and hip-hop. Some of his famous songs are “Dami Duro,” “If,” “Fall,” and “FIA.” He has won many awards, including BET and MTV awards.

Besides music, Davido has his own record labels, like HKN Music and DMW. He’s not just a music star; he’s also a big deal in African pop culture. As of [year] Update, Davido is still making a big impact in the music world.


Early Life

Davido was born on November 21, 1992, in the USA but grew up in Nigeria. His family liked music, and he started making songs in 2011. The first one was “Back When.” Soon, he became really famous with his album “Omo Baba Olowo.” Davido sings in a cool mix of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and R&B.

People love his songs like “Dami Duro,” “If,” “Fall,” and “FIA.” He got many awards for his music, like BET and MTV Europe Music Awards. Davido isn’t just a singer; he also owns music labels like HKN Music and DMW.

Born into a family where his dad is a businessman and his mom was a teacher, Davido’s music and style made him a big deal in Africa’s music and pop culture.


Music Career

Davido’s music career started in 2011 with his first song, “Back When.” After that, he released an album called “Omo Baba Olowo,” which made him famous. His music mixes Afrobeat, hip-hop, and R&B, and people really like songs such as “Dami Duro,” “If,” “Fall,” and “FIA.” Davido won awards like BET and MTV Europe Music Awards for his music.

He’s not just a singer; he’s also into the business side of music. Davido co-owns music labels like HKN Music and started DMW (Davido Music Worldwide). This helped new talents in Nigerian music.

Davido’s music isn’t just known in Nigeria; it’s famous internationally too.

Who Is Chioma?

Chioma Avril Rowland, often called Chioma, is a Nigerian chef and used to be a student born on April 30, 1995. People got to know her not just for her cooking skills but also because she’s the girlfriend of the famous Nigerian musician, Davido.

Chioma started studying Economics at Babcock University, but she got famous for her cooking shown on social media. People liked her tasty dishes, and she gained a lot of followers.

Her relationship with Davido became well-known, and they had a son named Ifeanyi Adeleke in 2019. People always talk about their relationship and family. Chioma still shares parts of her life online, focusing on her love for cooking and being a part of Davido’s life.


Is Davido Still With Chioma?

Yes, Davido and Chioma are still together. They’re sharing happy moments and being a couple. Even though there might be some stories in the news, their relationship seems strong. They show love for each other on social media and in public. Davido often talks about how much he cares for Chioma. So, as of now, they’re still a couple, facing life together.


Do Chioma and Davido have twins?

His son Ifeanyi drowned in the family pool in October 2022, but almost a year later, the singer is celebrating the birth of twins with his wife Chioma Rowland. The news first broke on the internet with various blog sites sharing a video of Rowland in a wheelchair holding the babies before putting them into car seats.


Is Davido married to Chioma already?

The singer got married to his longtime girlfriend, Chioma Rowland, shortly after the death of their son, Ifeanyi. Ifeanyi drowned in a pool at the music superstar’s residence in Banana Island, Lagos State, in October 2022.


Davido and Chioma are still together. Even though people talked a lot about their relationship, it’s clear they’re still a couple. You can see it in their pictures and when they’re out together.

Even with all the rumors, Davido and Chioma seem to be staying strong. In a world where famous couples often break up, it’s nice to see them sticking together. Fans can feel good knowing that Davido and Chioma are still going strong and showing that love can handle whatever comes its way.

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