Is Olamide And Dj Enimoney Brothers

Is Olamide And DJ Enimoney Brothers?

In the exciting world of Nigerian music, we often hear about Olamide and DJ Enimoney. These guys are super talented and have made a big impact on music, winning over fans with their cool styles and awesome vibes.

Now, here’s the big question: are Olamide and DJ Enimoney actually brothers? Well, let’s dig into their story to find out. It’s a tale of shared passion, family connections, and a teamwork spirit that has shaped their journey in the music scene. Stick around as we uncover the special bond that goes beyond just being family and influences the awesome music they create together. – Which University Did Olamide Attend?


Who Is Olamide

Olamide is a famous musician and rapper from Nigeria. People often call him “Olamide Baddo.” He was born on March 15, 1989, in Lagos, Nigeria. Olamide became well-known after releasing his first album, “Rapsodi,” in 2011. He’s really good at making different kinds of music, like hip-hop and Afrobeat.

Some of his popular songs include “Eni Duro,” “Durosoke,” and “Science Student.” Besides being a musician, Olamide started his record label called YBNL Nation. He’s helped many other talented artists through his label.

Olamide has won many awards for his music, showing how much people love what he does. His ability to connect with different audiences has made him one of Nigeria’s most important and successful musicians.


Who Is DJ Enimoney

Eniola Olamilekan Adedeji, known by his stage name DJ Enimoney, is a Nigerian disc jockey. Enimoney is the official disc jockey of YBNL Nation and younger brother of Nigerian rapper, Olamide.

DJ Enimoney was born in Lagos to Nigerian parents. He pursued a high school education at Lagos State Secondary School. He studied Computer science at Lagos City Polytechnic.

DJ Enimoney started his professional disc jockey career after senior secondary school in 2015 at Bariga. He gained recognition in 2016 with his debut single “Oya dab” which featured Olamide.

At the 2018 edition of the City People Music Awards, held in Lagos, DJ Enimoney’s single “Diet” which features Tiwa Savage & Slimcase won “Best Collaboration of the Year”. That same year, he was nominated at the Nigerian Entertainment Award for “Diet” in the “Best Single by DJ” category.


Is Olamide And DJ Enimoney Brothers?

Yes, Olamide and DJ Enimoney are brothers. They come from the same family. Olamide is a well-known music artist, often called “Badoo.” He sings in the Afrobeat and hip-hop styles and has many hit songs. DJ Enimoney, whose real name is Eniola Olamilekan Adedeji, is a DJ known for making awesome music mixes.

Olamide and DJ Enimoney’s connection goes beyond just music; they are family. Growing up together has created a strong bond between them. Olamide takes the spotlight as the singer, while DJ Enimoney adds to the music experience with his DJ skills.

Their closeness isn’t just on stage or in the studio. You can see it in their personal lives too, especially on social media. They support each other like brothers do. This family connection makes their work together even more special, bringing a real and heartfelt aspect to their music collaborations. So, to answer your question, yes, Olamide and DJ Enimoney are indeed brothers.



It’s pretty clear that Olamide and DJ Enimoney are brothers. They’re not just working together in the music scene; they’re family. Whether they’re making great songs or rocking the stage, their connection goes way beyond just being colleagues. It’s like a real family thing.

This closeness isn’t just for show – it’s genuine. So, when you see Olamide and DJ Enimoney doing their thing, remember, it’s not just about music; it’s about family ties that make their journey together even more special.

They’re not just partners in music; they’re true brothers, sharing their talents and their lives on this exciting ride in Nigerian music.

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