Which University Did Olamide Attend?

Ever wondered where Olamide, the famous Nigerian artist, went to college? Let’s take a peek into his academic journey to find out which university Olamide attended.

This isn’t just about his music career, it’s about the school days that helped shape the artist we know today. Get ready to discover how Olamide’s time in college played a big role in making him the talented person he is now! – Olamide Net Worth: Biography, Religion, Wife, Height & Age


Who Is Olamide?

Olamide Gbenga Adedeji, born 15 March 1989 is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, and record executive. One of the most influential artists in Africa, he has been instrumental to the launching of the careers of several Afrobeats music stars.

He records in Yoruba and English. In 2011, he released his debut studio album Rapsodi while signed to Coded Tunes. YBNL, his follow-up album, was released under his label imprint “Yahoo Boy No Laptop,” aka YBNL Nation.

The album was supported by the singles “First of All,” “Voice of the Street,” “Stupid Love,” and “Ilefo Illuminati.” On 7 November 2013, he released his third studio album Baddest Guy Ever Liveth. The album’s singles include “Durosoke” and “Yemi My Lover.”

On 17 July 2013, Olamide became the first Nigerian to sign an endorsement deal with Cîroc. In November 2023, Olamide received his first nomination at the 66th Annual Grammy Award for the song “Amapiano” alongside his signee Asake, becoming the first Nigerian hip hop act in history to achieve this feat.


Which University Did Olamide Attend?

Olamide went to Tai Solarin University for his studies. It’s a university in Nigeria, specifically in Ogun State. This is where he focused on his education and also became part of the local community.

Choosing Tai Solarin University showed that Olamide valued both his music career and getting a good education.

The university is known for providing quality learning experiences, and Olamide being an alumnus means it’s a part of his story, where he not only learned about music but also faced the challenges of being a student.



Olamide went to Tai Solarin University for his studies. This university played a big role in his education. Choosing a university is a big decision, and Olamide picking Tai Solarin University shows it’s important.

Being there helped him learn a lot and be part of a lively academic community. The university’s commitment to giving good education matches with what Olamide wanted to achieve.

Tai Solarin University is like a key part of Olamide’s education story, where he learned and grew. Looking at Olamide’s education, Tai Solarin University is like the background where his learning journey happened, leaving a lasting impact.

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